Thursday, September 22, 2011

for the [love] of red!

Ok seriously who didn't pretend they were little red riding hood as a child?! This amazing handmade cape draped with tulle is a must have for your wardrobe collection! (or for photo shoots)

I tried these on in Aldo the other day and they are really cute! They are a cheaper alternative to the Red Nubuck's below...

I found this amazing vintage 1970's wrap on, if it's gone by the morning... it's because I bought it! 

Words cannot explain how bad I want these Jeffery Campbell shoes! They are definitely my next shoe splurge! 

While cruising around I stumbled upon these really cool earrings, or ear hooks, or ear decor?! If you have the spunk to wear it, I say start a new trend!

Is there anything prettier than red filigree leather?! 

Really cute reasonably priced Navajo style dress... I love the open back and with a pair of tights it's perfect for fall!

Someone hide my credit card!!!

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