Thursday, October 6, 2011

my inspiration, my fashion icon : my [ama]

My Grandmother [Josephine Susini] has been the biggest fashion influence in my life. I remember playing dress up in her clothes as a child, and now as an adult, I still do! My sisters and cousins aren't too happy that she gave me all of her amazing dresses... but I think they should understand why. They have been the core foundation of my fashion existence. I love and respect them not just as clothing, but as pieces of art, pieces of history... and the love of my ama. They hang in a special corner of my closet, and sometimes on the wall as art... they inspire me, bring me joy and add a piece of history to my collection. One day I hope to pass them down to my daughter, or granddaughter... and tell the tale of the woman who molded me in so many ways...

She is pictured above [quite the risqué woman for her time - model and worked for Frank Sinatra, not to brag or anything] and beside her is my tribute photo to her. Once I dig up some more old photos I will post them just so you can see how breathtaking she was, and will always be.

Who inspires you? xxx

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