Friday, November 4, 2011

yesterdays make-up

I woke up this morning in yesterdays make-up, I must say if it wasn't for the fact that my eyes have been burning all day from my mascara, I would sleep in it more often! It's nice when you can race out of the door to work and spend zero minutes painting your face! [at 5am that is a HUGE deal] I'm an editor by day and 6am is my call time... the joys of time zones and magazine deadlines! But, now I know why Prince sleeps in his make-up... there is something glamorous about waking up, done up. Other than that this gal has spent this rainy Los Angeles day getting cozy on the couch with my love muffins and working on my blog! Can't wait for tomorrow, fun photoshoot planned... now I think I should go wash my face before my next blog is about why you should not sleep in your makeup... my poor pores. xxx

My addictions pictured : Starbucks Coffee, Teal-Blue Leopard Scarf and Ray Bans!

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