Friday, December 2, 2011

bohemian punk

There is something about this whole bohemian - emo - punk rocker mix that really has me falling in love... xxx

Get the Look:
Gold Bangles ---- H&M
Friendship Bracelets ---- Urban Outfitters
Diamond Bracelet ---- gifted to me, but here is something similar on Amazon
Spike Friendship Bracelet --- One of my DIY projects... want one? 
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  1. I am really loving this photo... I have been browsing so many bohemian inspired looks on pinterest (maybe because it's so cold)? I love your blog so much... it's beautiful! I'm excited to read more.


  2. Thank you love! Bohemian is really BIG right now, and personally it never went in or out of style for me.... I have a little bit of hippie blood in me! xoxo


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