Friday, December 30, 2011

hours to minutes

Okay so the final hours of 2011 are ticking away and I find my chest getting tight thinking about the new year ahead. What did I accomplish in 2011 and what are my goals for 2012? People put so much pressure on themselves with this whole New Years resolution thing, I can barely make plans for the weekend so how the hell am I ever supposed to map out an entire plan for a year?! I'll pass. I do though think that if the world doesn't blow up my shop will be coming along quite nicely in about 365 days from now! 2011 will always be loved, it's the year that gave me forever. Engaged in Norway, Rome for my Birthday, then Married in Los Angeles. It was a pretty great year!

Tonight I will be counting down the final minutes of 2011 with my boys, way too much eyeliner and a whole lot of turquoise. some people just won't understand. nite nite. xxx

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