Friday, January 13, 2012

a gem in the hills

I recently discovered a little gem in my neighborhood, The Lake Hollywood "Dog Park". Most of the dog parks around here are nothing more than a big mound of dirt with a wire fence wrapped around it. Little Monki usually hides behind Thor and I shivering scared for his life! But Lake Hollywood is covered in green grass with a gorgeous view of the Hollywood sign! I have never seen him run so free and look so happy! [I'll leave out the part where a 6 month old pit bull tried to eat him] Technically it's not a dog park though and the ranger did swing by today... but my fellow dog lovers were on high alert and like a game of telephone from my childhood we were all quickly informed and our dogs were all strapped down in seconds! [sorry for the run on sentence] The grumpy ranger was not impressed, but I was very impressed and felt a nice little bond with everyone in the park! We all stood together as one! haha, ok a bit too cheesy but it was a beautiful sunny day, with a very happy puppy, and extremely happy ticket free owners! xxx

wearing: vintage joseph magnin jacket // zara white tee // forever 21 jeans // moccasins // block headwear hat


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