Saturday, June 2, 2012

summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer finally feels like it hit Hollywood and I am lovin' it! I really LOVE shoes, but I hate wearing them! hahahaaa.... so the more I can run around barefoot in the grass, the better! Yesterday I was so busy running around the fashion district of downtown L.A. that I didn't have time to post this, so this is my Friday outfit! I found some reaallllly cool stuff down there that I will post in my next blog... It was super fun and reminded me a tad bit of New York, so when I am homesick I will just hop on the metro to the concrete jungle! Ahh the smell of garbage....

Headband Elle // Dress Gift // Leather Tooled Bag Morocco // Shoes Chie Mihara // Skull Bracelets South Sun // Turquoise Ring & Cuff Mexico 

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