Sunday, June 10, 2012

treasure hunting

I have been thrifting around town lately and I wanted to share some of my cool new finds! Festivals are always a great place to snag one of a kind gems and that is exactly where I found this funky skull ring! Honestly it's more of a costume type of thing for me, but it caught my eye and was too cheap not to buy! I found my dragon claw ring [ggrrrr] while exploring Downtown L.A. Shopping downtown is always fun because you can bargain with them most of the time! But I have to say no matter where I am my favorite place to bargain shop is at the Goodwill. There is just no better buy! I can get lost in there for hours and come out with so many amazing pieces. I have been raiding my grandmothers closet since I was a child so you can imagine the adrenaline rush I get from being able to raid millions of closets!?! Pure bliss! haha... I managed to sneak out the door with a really cool aztec printed blazer, a red quilted tassel purse, a blue fringe purse, a dress, and a vintage suitcase! Score! p.s. please excuse the poor quality of these pics! Would you believe me if I said I am actually a photo editor... ?!? 

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