Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Galo : The Man Behind The Madness

I met Galo a few years ago at a friends house one late summer night. He asked me if I wanted a tattoo, I said sure. Five minutes later he walked in with his tools and immediately started to boil a pot of water. He was an apprentice, and I was an experiment. Several minutes later and several swigs of whiskey I could hear the sound of the needle getting ready to pierce my skin. Was I really getting a tattoo in the middle of my friend Barbara´s kitchen? Yes, yes I was. He freehanded a little symbol on my wrist. I can´t say I love what I am forever branded with, but what I can say is he did an amazing job with what I chose. He´s come a long way from tattooing in kitchens, currently working for one of the most prominent tattoo shops in the industry, Mario Barth´s Starlight Tattoo.(New Jersey) Go check him out and tell him I sent you, maybe I´ll get a freebie next time! See you in Vegas!

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