Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Digital Romance : one chaotic moment

What happens when in the blink of an eye your entire world as you knew it died? I´ll tell you what. You embrace your rebirth and become what you knew was residing inside of you all along. We all have these distinct life changing moments. Watch "Run Lola Run" (German : English subtitles) to learn the value of a second. Apply it to your life. Did you ever just miss the bus? Or just make it on time? But did you ever dig deeper and wonder why? Maybe you couldn´t find your keys one morning, then you got stuck in traffic, and then you were late for work? But maybe if you found your keys the accident up the road would have involved you, and you would have never made it out? Maybe all things are chaotic but systematic...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I took a bus from Mexico to Las Vegas and then finally made it to L.A. I was at the last stop. It was Korea Town. I had never been in L.A. before. It was dark, I had a bag and no destination. So I called a cab and chose where I wanted to stay because I liked the colors in the photo. (good marketing works people) On our way to the hostel (hotel for backpackers not a homeless shelter) we ran into some serious traffic. I finally made it to a little place called USA Hostels, Hollywood. Hours after my scheduled arrival I walk in exhausted, but excited. There was an attractive tattooed man with a strange accent sitting behind the reception desk. He asked me for my passport. At the time I did not own one. I´ll never forget the way he looked at me. He said sorry, I´m really not supposed to check you in without a passport. Just as I was about to leave, I hear a faint mumble... But, you look tired and I´m not an asshole. So lay low for a bit and here is your room key.

If I did not get stuck in traffic that night he would not have been on shift, and being a passport-less American and all, I would not have been a guest there. If I would of never been a guest there, the next life changing event would have never been. I can only think back and wonder how my life would have played out if L.A. traffic did not intervene? But it did, and this is where life took a severe turn for me.

I walked into the lounge one night while there was a party going on. There were plenty of beautiful faces around, but I could not keep my eyes off of one. The one who was sitting in the corner, with a laptop, in his own world of storytelling and animation. A world that had him so consumed that we around him did not exist. His reality was somewhere inside of his mind and he brought it to life within his art. One glance and I knew I was fucked. (excuse my language, but really no other word can convey my emotion) Time stood still and this was the beginning of my love story. Not just for a man, but for the love of photoshop. For these two would consume my every waking thought. I could have never predicted the impact the two of them would have on my life five point five years ago. I was burning with passion and creativity like never before. Inspiration filled me, love agonized me and photoshop consumed me.

From then on, it´s been one Digital Romance.

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