Tuesday, November 22, 2011

glitter & grunge

There is nothing I love more then dressing or decorating with contradiction! For example, a soft feather wreath on a distressed wall, a dirty grunge room with a beautiful vintage chandelier, or leather pants with a chiffon top! Aahhhh something hard, something soft! I hope you enjoy these gritty and glittery rainy day finds!

1. Chandelier Photo Print 2. G-Lish Sequin Top 3. Christmas at Tiffany's Decor 4. Eco Friendly Soy Candle 5. Shabby Chic Pet Bowl 6. Yummy Baked Apples Recipe A Beautiful Mess Blog 7. Mango Mini Radio 8. West Elm Feather Wreath 9. Glam Snow iPhone Case


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