Monday, January 2, 2012

confused seasons

It's January 2nd and it's 80 degrees outside??!! Does anyone else think that is really bizarre?! Maybe it's because some crazy guy lit over 53 fires in 1 week? Or maybe it's just because it's L.A... either way, it was way too nice to sit inside today so I threw on my poncho, headed to the dog park, and even indulged in a homemade banana split! I love summer, even if it's really winter...? confused seasons make me happy. xxx


  1. Bring on the Confusion, I love contrasts so this wacky weather is thrilling !! And Home-made Banana splits sound like Heaven .

  2. Isn't it?! 80 degrees in January is never a bad thing, and either are homemade banana splits... yummmmmy !

  3. Love your top! I was in LA this weekend and it was super warm.. really weird!

    xo Jennifer

  4. This is a good confusing. Must be nice.


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