Sunday, March 11, 2012

gold mine !

I am sooooo inspired by the summer weather these days that I went looking for some gold inspiration!!! There is nothing sexier than a smokey eye, with gold accents, and a nice golden tan!!! I found some really cool glittery gold items last night while out hunting around town. Something old, something new! I can't wait to show you! But, I am missing one key element to get the look above, so as soon as I pick it up I will share with you my DIY Sexy Golden Makeover! How delicious does that cupcake look?!!! 

[Yesterday my blog decided to publish itself and I wasn't quite finished with the post! So I gave it a mini makeover today... so sorry for what may seem like a double post!]

ps... I got my press passes for LA Fashion Week!!! What to wear???!!! I will be posting pics from the event so stay tuned....! Happy Sunday! xxx 


  1. Yummy cupcake! Do you know what they used on their eyes on the right middle photo?

    1. I believe it´s gold foil! looks stunning! xxx


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