Thursday, May 24, 2012

born to run

 You would think that if I grew up with New York City in my backyard that I would have been to the Statue of Liberty before, right? No! Well ages ago I ferried around it, but this was the first time I actually docked and walked up to that sexy lady! Too bad she is actually closed for renovations until October! Bummer!!! But it was still a breathtaking sight. We also explored Ellis Island. I was curious to see where my ancestors bravely entered this new land! I actually got the chills walking around that place. People always say Americans don't have history, but this was a HUGE piece of my history. A place where the brave and adventurous souls ventured to from all corners of the world looking for a better life, a free life! I know that whatever ancestor of mine came here has passed down the adventure seeking, rule breaking, old wandering soul gene to me... and now I am on a mission to trace back my roots to the very person that touched American soil and made me who I am today.Think I can find them?!?

[wearing] Born to Run Shirt : Urban Outfitters / Skirt : Free People / Knuckle Clutch : Anais Boutique and as I posted this I realized I was wearing red, white, and blue! America! xxx 

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