Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tattoo inspiration

I am getting really anxious these days to finish my sleeve so I created a tattoo vision board! I started it almost 2 years ago, time flies! The idea basically comes from a poem my other half sent to me once upon a time when he was madly in love before the old married couple set it... haha! The longest sentence ever! So, the lower portion of my arm is going to be "love and madness" surrounded by a rose garden, because after all it was in a rose bush that madness went sooo "mad" that "he" poked out his beloveds eyes and left "her" "blind"! The upper half is going to be "love is a battlefield", old fighter planes, bombs, etc... and all the fillers will be life in between! I have an amazing tattoo artist who started to draft the top, the only problem is that he is in NJ and I moved to L.A. So I am looking for an amazing tattoo artist in Los Angeles. I am really scared because I have gotten a bad tattoo here and there before... but I am really excited to meet some new super creative and talented artists to help me create the perfect masterpiece on my arm! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! xxx

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